Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009
Off--158.5# (I finally dug out the scale, and honestly, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as I'd anticipated.)

Here's a pic from my going away party...That would be Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Steele (& Melissa's 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Steele), Brandi, Jamie, me, Candace, Wendy, Brittani, Jessica (due to pop any second), and Nikki who had a beautiful baby girl about 2 weeks ago. And, no, I don't drink the water there. It seems to make everyone pregnant!
We had a great time at Los Portales and completely monopolized the back room for a couple of hours. We missed a few folks who weren't able to make it, but many of them I said my good-byes to elsewhere. These folks are family to me. I love them (and miss them) dearly. They've been checking up on me regularly since I left, and for that I am most thankful. I really am the luckiest girl in the world.

On a different note, the hubby and I went with a couple of friends down a local river. We rocked two-man kayaks and had a great time. Honestly, I was ready for a workout, but the current was brisk enough that all we really had to do was steer. Cranes, egrets, cormorants, ducks and some birds I didn't recognize were out in full force. TL and Jeff even saw a river otter, but the hubby and I missed it. We'll have to catch it next time. :)

WORKOUT: 20kg TGU 1/1 until I was smoked which turned out to be 7 per side over about 14 minutes.

Then I decided to mess around with the 20kg a little more, so I decided to do some high pulls. They felt so good, I decided to try a snatch. I ended up doing one on each side then doing it again--except I got five in a row on each side!!! I was quite excited.

Then I decided to do the squat-thrust/swing descention/ascention workout with the 20 kg. I think it took me 24'45" (I'm to lazy to get up and look at my book).

All-in-all a fantastic workout.

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