Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Floridian

Friday, February 20, 2009
Work 6:30p-8a--weight unknown as the scale is still packed away.

After what seems like forever away from internet access, I am finding my way back to the blogosphere. My final shift at my previous job was last Saturday, and the following 3 days were filled with intermittent and frequent tears and constant fear. I am guilt-ridden anyway as a matter of my personality, so leaving behind people who are as precious to me as my family and friends in Tennessee are was not at all an easy thing to do. Seeing my mom and dad cry just about killed me. Just the thought of it now brings tears to my eyes, and rips at my heart.
Finding my way to the hubby's arms went a long way toward making me feel better, though, and I am slowly adjusting to the idea of being here long-term. Were it not for the people left behind, the transition would have been seamless, and I would have been overjoyed to make the change. As it is, I am happy to be here and look forward to our life in the months to come, but knowing that I am 12 hours from my parents, family and friends should they need us just kills me. I feel as if I have abandoned them.

Tonight has been my first shift at my new job, and thus far things are going well. It has been an uncharacteristically good night from a volume standpoint, and the people are proving to be kind and helpful. We'll keep rolling with the punches.

NUTRITION UPDATE: FUBAR for the last week or 10 days. I have had no rhyme or reason to my nutritional madness for a while--mostly due to going away parties and nerves and complete disruption of my routine. I'll have this back under control by next week.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: 5 Rounds of the following:
15 20kg swings
50 yard sprint
5 burpees
50 yard jog
15 20kg swings
rest 90sec

9.5 min run (unknown distance--but to the power pole and back to the end of the road). I'm working on my 9 minute mile goal now that I have a good place to do it. Above are my new running shoes, the Under Armour Chimera trail shoes. I'm running on FL sand, and these are AWESOME!

5 3-rung ladders of double 16kg C&P with 30 sec b/w rungs and 2 min b/w ladders.
*this is the one place I actually feel like I'm making progress. I completed this ladder both of the last two times without having to do a pushpress in any rung.

5 2-rung ladders of double 16kg squat completed during the 2 min rest of the previous ladders.

6 sets of 16kg snatches 30 sec R/30 sec L/30 sec rest.

No workout since getting off of work Sunday a.m. before yesterday.


  1. ((Hugs))

    Gf, you are STRONG! Double C&P w/16kg kbs? WOW!!!

  2. Glad to see you back on line. Been missing you. you missed the frozen me in the lake I live on (hit up my blog and read the back posts, click on the half pic that is my flip for the full image).

    You got the wrong shoes though. you should have gotten five fingers.

  3. Thanks for the hugs. I SOO need lots here lately.

    Chris, while I just might try those five fingers if I trip up on them, I got those trail runners because I'm going to be working on that goal of a 9min mile. Gotta have good runners for that. I'll be sure to check out the frozen version of you.:)

  4. Wow it doesn't seem that long ago when you weren't sure what you were going to do. FL will be awesome. Nice work on the ladders too!