Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is my life now-for the next two weeks. Reality is setting in &
with it further anxiety. Maybe a little excitement. Two days ago they
moved out the couch, a bed & some of the other big stuff. I think
that's when it hit me we're really moving.


  1. Ok, so I know I've been pretty out of touch, but WHERE ARE YOU MOVING? And more importantly, WILL YOU BE BLOGGING FROM THERE?

    Thanks for your oh-so-appreciated encouragement over the past month or so.

  2. Oh the joy of living out of boxes. I do not envy you.

  3. Yeah, Leslie, we're moving to north central Florida where we can cave dive regularly without the hassle of travel. We've attempted to make this move several times over the last few years, and it's always fallen through, so this time I've been a little less apt to talk about it. I will most definitely be blogging from there. It is my catharsis, and in many ways, you all some of my best friends. I hope things your way are beginning to level out some. I surely do look forward to hearing about your trip to Hawaii. :)

    Chris, are you completely OUT of boxes yet?