Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our internet is still down, so I decided to steal bandwidth from a neighbor. :) The double tank dive went okay last night. People had told me that doubles were a whole new ball of wax, but I didn't truly believe them until last night. Walking them to the water was the easy part. My buoyancy was crazy, and I just couldn't quite get the feel for them. The steel 104's were a bit large, too, and I kept wacking my head on the manifold between them. That, coupled with my difficulty maintaining my buoyancy was pissing me off, and I had multiple cussing tirades underwater. The hubby says that's what everyone does their first time with doubles. I wonder if that's him just trying to make me feel better. Regardless, I'm going to give it another run in a pair of 95's as soon as I get the chance.

Here are some pics from a more serene evening we shared recently. One of my favorite things in the world is sitting round that campfire with friends.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: Today was my exercise in moderation. I was feeling a little beat up, so I decided to take the day off. I almost got up and went out there anyway, but stuck to my guns for a rest day. I hope it pays off.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: 5 2-rung assisted pistol ladders followed with 5 5-rung green band assisted pullup ladders. I didn't do the usual TGU's or Tabata because I knew I was going to be getting into the water with those doubles.

SUNDAY'S WORKOUT: As many Full-on Burpees (chest to the deck then jump up with arms in the air) as could get in 10 minutes--turned out to be 59 that day. Finished a full 75 in 14 min.
Then I ran 9 minutes. I have to figure out how far that ends up being one of these days.

SATURDAY'S WORKOUT: DOUBLE C&P / Row ladders 3 4-rung then 3 3-rung double squat ladders with the 16's
then 75 full-on burpees in 16'07"


  1. As many burpees as you can do in 10 minutes? That sounds like it sucks and I'm TOTALLY going to have to try it! :)

    When did you get certified in diving? Do you dive often? I want to know more!

    Rest days DO pay off!

  2. I was certified to dive in 2000, and have been addicted since. :)
    Let us know how your burpee challenge goes, and make sure its chest/gut to the ground then all the way into a jump with hands over your head. :) It's brutal!

  3. I'm assuming LP 104 (low pressure). The HP (high pressure) 100s are close to the same size as the lp 80s. as for bumping your head on the manifold, slide the tanks down the plate a little / move the bands up on the tanks some.

    I remember that it was a trip getting my doubles, with a pony the first time. But I was comfortable after the first dive was over. Although, I don't remember it being all that different. I'd go dig through my dive log and see what my notes say, but I don't know where it's at. Somewhere in the room with no lights in one of the 70 or so boxes I still have to unpack.

    As soon as my foot is better (toe and ankle), I'm going for the burpees.