Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Quickly

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friends are in from Tennessee this week, so we're going to be staying busy. I thought I'd go ahead and post a quick one while I had the chance. Here are some pics from the butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Later in the week I'll be posting fun river pictures and St. Augustine pictures.

WORKOUT: Today I ran my mile with Abbie--a full minute longer than last week. :(
Then I did 16kg Tabata snatches, 20kg Tabata swings, 16 kg Tabata swings--1 min rest between sets.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: I did my C&P/Row/squats ladder yesterday followed by 9 minutes of snatches.


  1. Those are great photos of beautiful butterflies. You take some really nice pictures.

    I was reading a fishing magazine today while waiting for Chinese takeout, and it contained a section of the biggest catches. Man, those were some hideous fish! But they were really fascinating. One really big ugly motherfucker was 60 pounds and looked magnificently horrifying and beautiful in his own way.

    Nature is just awesome.

  2. Nature IS absolutely amazing, breathtaking even. You should look on line for pictures of Goliath groupers (also known as Jewfish). There's one at this place in Panama City Beach where we dive that I SWEAR looks as big as a Volkswagen.

    And thanks for the compliments on my pictures. I enjoy taking them a great deal. So hearing that others enjoy looking at them pleases me greatly.

  3. Jennifer, I did, and they're freaky. Looks like they have camouflage and get really huge. Beautiful creatures in their own hideous way. Why are they called Jewfish?

    For sure, I like your pictures. Very nicely done.