Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Working in the Rain

Monday, March 23,2009

You can't really tell by the iPhone picture below, but today I worked out in a steady 65 degree drizzle (thus the towel over my ipod with speakers and my workout log). Sometimes, a drizzle like that is just what I need. When I first realized it was raining, though,I frowned, pouted a little bit and debated if I really wanted to go out in it and spend 45 minutes getting wet. Turns out the gentle patter of the water on my arms and the muted sounds of the water in the trees was just what I needed. I had forgotten how much I can enjoy working out in less-than-perfect weather.
WORKOUT: 3 4-rung double 16kg C&P/row ladders. The last two ladders I had to do push-presses on the last rep of the last rung. I could definitely feel all the total crap I ate yesterday (I always can yet I continue to feel the need to splurge on occasion.).
3 3-rung double16kg squat ladders. These, however, felt pretty good today.
Snatch 16kg 30 sec R/30 sec L/30 sec rest. I'm consistently getting 9 reps every 30 secs, sometimes 10. This is definitely better than it has been being.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: None specific. Took the doubles out for a spin again today--double steel 95's this time. Still TOTALLY sucked. I might just go straight to learning in sidemount.

SATURDAY'S WORKOUT: 80 rounds of vo2 max with the 12kg--consistently hitting 7-8 reps.

FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: 5 5-rung green band assisted pullups/pushups ladders. 5 2-rung assisted pistols ladders.

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