Tuesday, February 22, 2011

36# then 46# OH squats

So 26 went up well enough yesterday and a gauntlet was thrown. Here's 36# then 46#. Since I had such an issue getting the 46 over my head, I didn't put anymore weight in the bag but tried double 12's. That I couldn't do...yet. ;)

....I almost forgot to post the picture from our hike today. The hubby and I went to O'Leno State Park and had a GREAT time. It was our first trip there, but we'll certainly be going back. The sink holes you see in the background are covered with duckweek, one of the world's smallest water plants. If you look at that green stuff up close, it's actually gajillions (that's the official number, btw) of teeny, tiny leaves with teeny tiny root systems. They're really cool It's not slimy at all despite the appearance.


  1. Thanks for the squatting demonstration and the gratuitous butt. good work!

  2. NICE job on those squats! I totally would have landed on my arse with either one of those just throwing the bag over head!
    I love to watch this stuff and I hate to watch this stuff. It reminds of all the "cool" stuff there is out there to do and it also reminds of all the work I still should be doing.....but, I have a different focus right now. The "marathon"! Training is going well, thanks for asking! My longest run has been just over 16 miles and I did that the last two weeks. Next long run will be a little longer and so on and so on.....I'm confident, I'm excited, I'm driven, I'm motivated and I'm pretty damn stubborn-all the makings (I think) one needs to get through a marathon!

  3. Thanks, Faisal! Glad you enjoyed!

    Diana,Thank you! I can't wait to hear how the big day goes. Wow, 16 miles, huh...