Monday, February 21, 2011

Overhead Squats

I tried a little something fun today after some inspiration from my Lean Eating coach Krista Schaus. She was doing some OH squats with MUCH heavier weight, so I thought I'd try baby doses. Here's me with a 27 pound sandbag. I include the bottom video because I thought it was too cute how Luna comes across in it.
I also include a picture of my in house coaches. ;)


  1. I truly love working out with my animals nearby! I love the look on your dog's face at the end of the first video! He's like; "what, we're not playing catch or anything".......

    Oh yeah, great job on the squats-I like the sandbag idea.

  2. Yeah, Diana, I really like my sandbag. I got it last year. It lets me do back squats much easier, and it's fun for other stuff, too. How's the marathon training going?