Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vision Board

For those of you who are not familiar with them, vision boards are a way of putting your goals and dreams on paper to help you focus on them and bring them to fruition. The idea is to put it somewhere where you can focus on it frequently which in turn gives you a sort of road map for your future. Because how can you get where you want to be if you don't know where that is?
I've spent the last several days really thinking about what I wanted for my next year or so so that I could represent it on the board. Sometimes this is harder than one might think. Often we have this vague idea that we want to live in a bigger house or have more money or more time, but as was so aptly posed in an article I read recently, "What then?" Ok, so you're retired, what now? So you're living in that house/condo on the beach/in the mountains/in Paris/on Park Avenue, what now? Ok, so you have the mate of your dreams, the perfect body, your PhD. WHAT NOW? Interesting question, isn't it?
You see, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am the most charmed person in the world. From the day I was conceived, I have led a charmed life, and I know this and never take it for granted. My vision board reminds me of this fact. And it'll just get better from here.
So to explain my board a little if you're interested:
The base in the top left corner is a rudimentary drawing of our little place here in the center of a clock without hands which symbolizes my desire to spend more time at home relaxing. Close by are pictures of the DH and my girls. In one, the DH and I are hanging out at a local state park--outside, together, being active. I want more of this. In the other, I am walking behind him and the girls as we explore our place. Again, time with the four of us together relaxing is something I want more of. There's a sailboat anchored in a cove--how we hope to retire. There's the book I hope to write and my camera, both things I want to explore more over the coming months. There's a pic of Coach doing a pull up and Pudgy Stockton doing a handstand, both goals of mine. There's a picture of a cave diver; I want to hone my skills. There's a quote from Epicurius reminding me to be kind to myself and some from others to inspire me. There are a rainbow and fireworks reminding me to stop and enjoy what's in front of me and to make the time to enjoy the simple things that I love so much. They are all really quite simple things that I want. How very lovely that is!

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