Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is It Crazy to Take the Scale on Vacation With You?

Friday, March 20, 2008
16 w, 5d to pics--168#
Slept 6 mighty nice hours.
Work 6p-8a

Some folks recommend weighing only once a week for a multitude of reasons--less likely to stress if the scale doesn't budge day-to-day, so forth and so on. I am a daily weigher, however. I roll out of bed, and (more-or-less) onto the scale. I've tried life both ways, and this one works for me. It' s part of how I ground myself for the day, remind myself of what I"m working toward. Over the years, I've found that if I don't weigh daily I quickly lose track of weekly and before I know it, 15 pounds have crept back on. So I weigh daily.

Monday, I'm leaving for a couple of weeks in Florida. (And, NO I can't wait). Marc and I are going to dive and relax, enjoy the Florida springs and generally be bums for a while. As I usually do, I've been making mental preperations for the things I think I'll need. I'm stressing a little bit over not taking the scale. Part of me wants to pack it into the truck. We'll be living in the RV, so it would really only be like moving it to our other home. The other part of me thinks that is total obsession and right now is winning out so I guess I'll just leave it at the apartment. But maybe I'll take the tape measure...

TODAY'S WORKOUT: Beautiful weather again today.
12kg Workout B
5 Renegade Rows R, 5 Renegade Rows L, Swings x 20 (10 R then 10 L)--AMAP in 30 min=16 plus all but 6 swings of another round.
I'm really feeling the renegade rows in my core.


  1. I weight daily myself, and try to take a moving average of my weight to adjust for water.

    I don't think it would be all that bad a thing to take your scale with you on vacation. But then again, isn't vacation about getting away from the daily grind?

    Its up to you. Have fun, and enjoy your vacaction

  2. Yes, it is crazy.

    Crazier still knowing that it keeps you on track and not doing it.

    Take the scale.

  3. Thanks, guys! The scale will go with me.