Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maybe July & Another 25#'s Being Enough Is Being a Tad Optimistic--A Progress Report


Monday, March 17, 2008
17w, 2d to pictures--167.5# (27.5# from goal?)

I'm still learning the whole blogger format and couldn't figure out how to put these pics in the body of the post, so they ended up at the beginning.

I've come to many conclusions tonight. First and foremost, I need to do progress pictures more frequently. They are painful, but they are a wake-up call. Second, I don't think 27.5# more is going to be enough--maybe more like 37.5 pounds. I had hoped at 5'6" and 140#--with a significant amount of muscle--I would be at a good place. Looking at these pictures, I don't really think that's going to be the case. I'll keep my mind open, though, and hope for the best. Third, if it's going to take about 37 more pounds, July is definitely going to be too soon for pictures. Not rescheduling yet, though, I'll try to stay optimistic.

On a brighter note, this swimsuit has been hanging as incentive in my bathroom for at least 2 years now, and I think it's been three. I can at least fit it over my fat ass now. That's progress. We'll shoot for looking okay in it before the summer's over.

Measurements: 32.25" waist , 37" @ belly button, 40.25" Hips, 12" bilateral biceps, 22" bilateral thigh. Weight 167.5#.
Last measurements 2/13: 32.5" waist, 37.75" @ belly button, 40" Hips and I didn't measure biceps and thighs that day. Weight 169#.
Looks like the last month has been pretty much a wash. Damn (that started out as the f-word, but I decided to be a little nicer).

FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: Workout 2: 16 kg Snatch + Squat--AMAP in 15 min. 47 was the number to beat, and I hit 49.
Rest 3 min.
Pullup + pushup--AMAP in 15 min. 43 was the number to beat, and I hit 50.

SATURDAY'S WORKOUT: Interval 3: 20 sec Burpee, 10 sec rest, 20 sec 45# swing, 10 sec rest. for 4 min. Went to Mom and Dad's today to spend the night. They had chocolate cake (that I baked) for dessert and moose tracks in the freezer. I ate NONE of either. :)


MONDAY'S WORKOUT: Starting a new month's rotation.
16 kg Workout A:
Lunge w/bell in steering wheel position + Push-up (first set wide-leg, subsequent from knees): 45 sec R leg, 45 sec L leg, 45 sec pushup, 45 sec rest.
1-arm-row + Swing: 45 sec R arm, 45 sec L arm, 45 sec swing, 45 sec rest.
1-arm press (this ended up being C&P b/c I'm a wuss and couldn't press without the clean after the first couple reps) + Squat: 45 sec each arm, 45 sec squat, 45 sec rest.

REPEAT the above for a total of 5 rounds. Was a Bee-atch.

Then... High Pulls: 45 sec work, 30 sec rest for a total of 3 times per arm. I have to confess that after the first time with each arm, I had to set the bell down a couple of seconds early.


  1. Actually you can really tell the difference. It's great that your doing so well right now. You might look at it as painful, because you're embarrassed by the pics, but at the same time it really gives you a good comparison. I wish I had taken pics last January to keep me motivated.

    I also think you might be surprised at how much difference 25lbs makes, especially if it's 25lbs of fat that is gone.

  2. Great job putting it all on th line, for the world to see!

    You are a superstar!