Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2007
Work 6p-8a
19 weeks to pics--169.5#/29.5# to goal

When I work a lot in a concentrated period of time, I get grumpy--really grumpy. And I begin to think too much about my job which leads me to feel like a hypocrit. My job is almost entirely fixing the problem after it's started. I do get the chance on occasion to try to educate and encourage healthy living , but that's not why people come to me nor do they expect it from me. I can't count the number of eye rolls I've gotten when I mention to people that they need to quit smoking and/or lose weight. This approach is not the one I would like to be taking. Medicine should be about preventing these illnesses and problems. Doctors and patients always want to just throw medicine at an illness trying to band-aid it meanwhile causing half a dozen side effects for which the patient has to take more medicine which causes more side effects. No one--doctors nor patients--wants to put forth the effort required to fix the cause of the problem in the first place. Because patients don't want to put forth the effort, doctors don't want to encourage it. Frankly, it's a helluva lot easier to throw a pill at something than it is to sit a while and teach someone something about how to make themselves better or prevent themselves from getting sick. What a vicious cycle! So here lately, I've been feeling like a hypocrit, throwing band-aids at the problems of others while I try my best to live and breathe a life of prevention for myself.
The last few years, when I find things about my life with which I am not pleased, I do my best to find a way to rectify the problem. I then either implement the plan or realize that fixing the problem isn't worth the headache it would cause, thus making the problem less dramatic in my mind. This problem is one that I cannot see ending any time soon. Unfortunately, the nature of humankind is such that I cannot make a living trying to teach others to prevent their own suffering. Soooo...I will look forward to those patients who eagerly listen to my teachings and hope that they appear during times when I have the opportunity to teach. And for now, I will remember that feeling like a hypocrit will diminish soon enough when I'm no longer working every 6 out of 7 days.

WORKOUT: I did NOT want to drag my ass out of bed this morning/afternoon! But as always, once I was 5 minutes into it, I was SO glad I did.
Workout #1: 16 kg TGU--AMAP in 15 minutes=17 (then I did 1 after the buzzer to be symmetrical). This is 1 more than i managed last week.
Rest 3 minutes
5 push-ups + 20 16kg swings--AMAP in 15 minutes=16 sets plus one set of push-ups (finished the swings after the buzzer). The first five sets I did with wide-legged push-ups,and the last ones I did from the knees. Previously in this workout, I did them all from the knees.

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