Friday, March 21, 2008

Lest I Forget

Thursday, March 20, 2008
16w, 6d to pics--165.5#
slept 5.5 hours--solid
Work 6p-8a

Today's workout was a good one, brutal in a good way, the weather was amazing, and though I only had 5 1/2 hours sleep, I was ready for it. Some days it just clicks and doesn't. Today it did. I am so thankful not only for the soon-to-arrive spring and having a beautiful place to workout and a body that can workout--and actually do so with a fair amount of intensity, but for pretty much everything in my crazy life (a few crazy patients excepted here). I really am pretty much the luckiest woman in the world. (Feel free to remind me of that in the future when I'm bein' a tittie-baby, BTW.) I might not be beautiful or slender or what the world would see as lucky on the surface, but thinking about what I have brings tears to my eyes.

TODAYS WORKOUT: 12 kg Workout A
Lunge 45 sec R/45 sec L, Pushup (from knees) 45 sec, rest 45 sec.
1arm row R 45 sec/L 45 sec, Swing 45 sec.
1arm press R 45sec/L 45 sec, Squat 45 sec, rest 45 sec

Above for total of 5 rounds.

Rest 5 minutes.

High Pulls, 45 sec R, 30 sec rest, 45 sec L, 30 sec rest. Total of 3 rounds per arm.

I'll have to say that I'm definitely not as big a fan of the grind exercises as I am the ballistic. Something about my personality just doesn't enjoy them as much. I do, however, really enjoy what they do for my muscles, so I try not to complain about them--too much anyway. Doing them with the 12 kg was not as hard to get psyched up for as the 16. At least I occasionally feel like I have a dog in the race with the 12; the 16 just kicks my ass right out of the gate. Today was good, though.

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