Monday, April 28, 2008

9 Months' Progress Update

Sunday, April 28, 2008
11w, 3d to pics--164#
Work 8p-8a
I wasn't scheduled for a workout today, and I decided not to add in anything extra though I've been debating that some lately. My knees have been aching quite a bit lately, so the last couple of days have provided some much needed rest. I think I'm going to back down the weight on my squats this coming week, too. I'm not a big puss, but I think that if I don't back the weight down now, I just might be forced to in the near future. I'd much rather do it on my terms.

Last month I made a commitment to myself to more consistently post progress pictures. I was scheduled to do so on the 16th, but had actually forgotten my camera when I left for vacation so I didn't have a good way to do it. I decided today to suck it up and post some more pics. They aren't exactly progress pics, though, because I have made exactly NONE (no progress that is). One of the gajillion things bouncing around in my head is what I'm gonna do about that fact. I keep going over and over my intake because I know that is the limiting factor. Now I just have to make the necessary changes. These pictures are posted mainly to shame me into doing what the f&*% I need to do.
Today April 22 March 16
Weight 164# 167.5# 167.5#
Waist 31.5" 31.75" 32.5"
@belly button 37" 36.5" 37"
hips 39.5" 39.5" 40.5"
Okay, so now that I put it side-by-side I see that I may be being a little melodramatic, but it is slow going. I'd really like for things to be moving better than this.
The blue suit is from last month. The pink one is today. And, yes, before you worry, I know I still look like shit in a swimsuit.

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