Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
11w, 1d to pictures--163.5 pounds :)
Work 8p-6a (4th night of 9 day stretch)

I postponed yesterday's workout to today for a multitude of reasons. I've had a little bit of "the crud" the last few days and not felt completely tip-top. And I, honestly have been dragging around feeling sorry for myself because of this stupid 9 day stretch at work. To make a long story short, there's always the "one guy" who always gets his way and comes out looking golden while everyone else picks up his slack. That guy has been pissing me off lately. And I've even been seriously considering quitting my job because of him. I really just don't think I can put up with this guy's lack of consideration for everyone else any longer. And unfortunately, I've been griping to the "higher ups" for two years now, they always say they'll do something about it, but never do. I guess I'll have to. I'll probably go from this job straight into another one where there's an equally inconsiderate a$$ hole, but so be it, I guess. The only thing is that otherwise I love the people I work with and the place where I work. GRRR.
Regardless, I got my a$$ out of bed and worked out before work this afternoon.

WORKOUT: Heavy/16kg Workout 1
A. 16kg TGU--AMAP in 15 min=21 (one more than last week)
Rest 5 min.
B. 16kg Snatch--AMAP in 15min
9/9, 8/8,7/7,7/7,7/7,6/6,5/5, 4/4, 4/4,3/3,2/2,2/2=66/66 (4 less per side than last week. I don't think I miscounted but who knows. I was feeling weak today for some reason.)
Rest 5 min
C. Squat w/12kg KB + pushup from the knees--AMAP in 15 min
15/15, 12/12, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 2/2=83/83 (5 more than the last time I did this round).
I went down on the weight for the squat section because my knees have been a bit unhappy lately. Seemed to work pretty well, and my knees haven't hurt as much the last couple of days.

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