Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snatched the 20kg

Wednesday, April 10, 2008
14w to pics--166#
Work 6p-8a, Slept 10.5 hours.

For a while now the 20kg (actually a 45# GoFit--I just can't bear to refer to bells in pounds) has been jeering at me, taunting me. I've thought about trying it, just going for the snatch, but just haven't done it. Then I read where Tracy Rif snatched the 24. Damn that's a heavy bell--and she snatched it. And my 20kg began to laugh as I walked past. So before my workout today I decided just to go for it. The lock out was a little more difficult than I had anticipated, but I hit it. Once on each side. I didn't try for another, just tried to be satisfied with that. Then I did my scheduled workout.

WORKOUT: 16kg Workout B: 5 renegade rows per side then 20 swings--AMAP in 30 minutes. Last Wednesday I hit 18. Today I hit 20.

Afterthought...My right trapezius is angry at me for the 20kg snatch.

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