Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally...A Connection!

Friday, April 4, 2008
14w-5d to pics
On Vacation!
Sleep-at least a gazillion hours. :)

We have been in internet purgatory for the last week or so since the place where we have the RV parked is still working the bugs out of the system, so-to-speak.  Marc got tired of getting kicked from the network, though, and fixed it today, so now I'm back in business.  We've come down to central Florida to spend a little time around the springs.  We really enjoy it down here, and Marc is certainly much better for it--already down a couple of pants sizes.  I think he's lost more weight in the last 4-6 weeks than I have in the last 4-6 months, but he denies it.

We made the trip down here with the full intention of spending a large amount of time diving the springs but have ended up just kicking back quite a bit.  I did need the rest, so after a couple of days of fretting about wasting the days away, I just decided to enjoy it.  Eventually I realized sometimes I just have to kick back and do a little bit of nothing...

I've really enjoyed keeping up with my workouts and doing so without having to worry about the  time restraints associated with work and the other commitments of home.  The workouts have remained what they were the last week or so posted. Mondays have been 16kg ass-kicking (45 sec lunge r, 45 sec lunge L, 45 sec push-up from the knees, 45 sec rest, 45 sec 1arm row R, 45 sec 1 arm row L, 45 sec swing, 45 sec rest, 45 sec 1 arm press each side (on 16kg days this is a C&P cuz I'm a puss), 45 sec squat, 45 sec rest--Repeat 5 times.), off Tuesdays, Wednesdays 16kg renegade rows 5 per side alternated with 20 swings for AMAP in 30 min, Thursdays same as Monday but with the 12kg, Fridays same as Wednesdays but with the 12kg.

I've been keeping up with the numbers of reps accomplished and have been increasing pretty consistently each week for the most part.  I'll tell ya, though, that 5 round jobber kicks my rear on Mondays and Thursdays.


  1. good job, and from the look of things, you have nothing to worry about in 14 weeks to post pics.

    I'm jealous though. Two weeks to camp, chill, and dive. That would be killer right now.

  2. looking pretty slim. thanks for the msg the other day over the g-chat. i really do appreciate it. just pray for me please.