Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally, Getting Around to Thanksgiving

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've intended to post these for a while now, and with these few days off, I'm finally getting around to it. Tomorrow will bring Christmas pics to round out the year, and in a few days I'll start my Blurb book which will be an archival quality printout of my blog--pictures and all--for this year, my own personal yearbook.

Gracie spent a large portion of the evening drawing.
Kevin gives Mom a quick kiss on the forhead for making such a great dinner.
Perfect evidence that I get my attitude from my dad. :)
Mom and Dad's border collie mix, Gypsy, mooches a little love from Dave.
Definitely conspiratorial tweens--Sonora and Mandy share a laugh.
Abbie just can't believe she's not getting any more food than that!
Anneliese sits with her dad to take in a little TV...
...at least until the sleepies kick in.
Meanwhile Katy has stolen big sister's sweater and is having loads of fun buttoning and unbuttoning it at least a hundred times with a little bit of Grandmommy's help.
...Because perfect little hands aren't always perfect.
Katy, Jessica, Grace and Sean
Daddy's little girl.
Daddy had right carotid endarterectomy the week before Thanksgiving, and I got him these balloons while he was in the hospital. Noah spotted them tied to his bed, and came to get us, begging for a "boon." To keep things as fair as possible, Dad cut apart the balloons, giving one to each little one.
Noah was just enthralled.
My favorite pic of the night.
But this one and the next one come in pretty close seconds.

Double 16kg C&P ladders 5 3-rung--having to push-press that last rep on the third rung for now.
Double 16kg squats 4 2-rung ladders. (For whatever reason, my legs are feeling WIMPY)

16kg swings--Tracy Rif style (two R, two center, two L) for 2 min/rest 30 sec, then repeat for 4 rounds.

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