Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Work 6p-8a--154#
I think my winter doldrums are really beginning to hit me pretty heavily. In an effort to spare you any further whining than that--at least for the moment (I can't promise that I'll maintain my resolve for long, however.)--I'm just gonna talk about hair. My overall dissatisfaction with everything I come in contact with does not spare my attitude toward my hair which is known to vacillate wildly at any given time. Right now I hate my hair. I hesitate to do anything too drastic, however, so after seeing Four Christmases last night (which I do recommend), I'm thinking I might need bangs a la Ms. Witherspoon, who happens to be a fellow Tennessean.

Yes, I understand that bangs will not make me instantly beautiful or bring me glamour and fame. I'm just wondering if having my hairdresser cut bangs might keep me from sporting the less socially acceptable buzz a la Ms. Moore which is tempting sometimes when I become frustrated as I am now. Don't think for a minute, though, that if shaving my head would give me that body and allow me to do one-armed push ups and chin-ups and knock out a gajillion pull ups I wouldn't do it RIGHT THIS SECOND.
I took yesterday and Thursday off in light of my fighting off strep and being at the farm with Mom and Dad. Since Mom doesn't drive anymore, I had gone down there to take her Christmas shopping. We had a wonderful time with each other.
5 rounds of the following...
30 sec of Pull ups assisted with the green band.
30 sec of push ups
30 sec of box jumps
30 sec of plank
door-jamb assisted pistols 2/2
rest 1 min
20kg TGU 1/1
Tabata swings with the 20kg
My left knee felt a bit "grindy" on those pistols and has been aching some tonight. I'm very careful to make sure I'm tracking properly and using good tension, so I'm not sure what the deal is with that. I'm pretty sure I track wrong when I walk--too much supination--and I'm thinking that might be it.
The pull-ups are still feeling pretty good, and today the push ups, though still my archenemy, hit a groove I've not found before with my lats engaged and my shoulders "down."
Those lonely two TGU's were actually supposed to be 3 sets of 1/1, but the initial ones felt so weak and out of kilter, I decided to forgo the remaining 2 and substituted the tabata instead.


  1. I had some bangs cut in a few months ago and I really like them. Be sure to post pictures, ok?

  2. shave your head. it'll be awesome. you'll feel like a machine when working out.
    shaving the head is always a good transitional move- aside from GI Jane, you have travis bickle in taxi driver... he shaves his head before he gets down to business... just an idea.
    keep on with the push ups. next time your down we're having a push up contest and i expect you to beat me. i also expect you to beat me in box jumping.
    get on it