Saturday, April 11, 2009


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Local rivers are flooding as a result of rains over the last 2 weeks in Southern Georgia, so we played redneck today and drove around looking at the high waters. Eventually, they are supposed to reach heights greater than the floods in 2004, and likely higher than the ones in 1998. The 1948 flood has us beat, though. Here are a few of the pics.
Suwanee River Bridge at Luraville
The Suwanee River at Branford.

If you blow this up, you'll see a sign that says "Hey, Obama, send me a bailout."
WORKOUT: 1 Go-round of AOS 1200--so I guess that makes it AOS 400. I did all the doubles work with double 12's, the snatches at the end of the rounds with a 12kg, all the other single kb work with the 16 except the suitcase deadlift and the high pulls which I did with the 20. I wasn't sure what the lunge cocktail was so I did a walking lunge with double 12's with a single alternating press between each lunge. The plank section sucked, and I'm wondering if that could be a significant contributor to my pushup issue. I did it in pretty much 44 min. This is a good workout. I definitely was sweating with it, feeling it. I like the way each round ends with snatches, and I like that it's definitely a butt-kicker. I've got mixed feelings about all the different exercises. In some ways the variety is nice, but by the same token, in some ways the progress seemed disjointed and a little schizophrenic. I think I've become accustomed to the feeling of progressing ladders through a few nice basic exercises-ones I used to think were boring. Funny, huh?

NUTRITION: 1/2 of a Subclub Salad with 4 Club crackers, a tbsp of olive oil and 2tbsp vinegar.
1.5 oz of deluxe mixed nuts, 1/2 piece sourdough bread brushed with butter, 1 serving fried okra, 1/2 c spaghetti, 1/2 marinara, 1 breaded chicken breast, 1oz mozzarella, 3 hushpuppies. 16 oz skim milk.
Yes, I know this wasn't optimal. It was a compromise. I did get groceries, but I also got a migraine AGAIN (4th day in a row). So I didn't cook. We ate out, and I didn't make the best choice there, but I didn't make the worst either--and knowing I was going to post it here DID make a difference. :)
Calories 1409, Fat 68.4gms/44%, Carbs 135gms/38%, Protein 62.5 gms/18%


  1. Hi there. Nice pic of the bridge, did you happen to get a picture of the telephone pole with the dates of the floods on it over by the boat ramp?

    If you have any more of the bride and surrounding area please post some of those. I've got some river property just to the east of the bridge I'm curious to see what that looks like. I'm up here in Jacksonville and haven't been able to get out there to see the flood.

  2. Kashubia333, As a matter of fact, I did take some pics of a pole with dates. Drop me a line with your e-mail address and I'd be happy to send it to you. I did not, however, take any pics of the surrounding area.