Friday, April 10, 2009

Off the Wagon? Relapsed? Out of Remission?

Thursday, April 9, 2009 (The 9TH? Really?! I hadn't even gotten used to putting March yet!)
Work--166# (Yep, keep reading.)

Getting on the scale every morning is a neccessity for me despite many "experts" saying that it is counterproductive. It grounds me for that day, gives me a dose of reality, reminds me I am not one of those people who is blessed with a naturally slender build. More importantly, when I stop weighing, I start gaining weight. I have tested this over the years and found it to be an absolute truth for me. Of course, on the days I know my weight is going to be down or unchanged, getting on that scale isn't difficult. Days like today, though, when I can feel the extra weight like sandbags packed around my middle, pushing at my thighs, rearranging my clothes, I find myself tempted to stray away from that dose of reality. Thinking that tomorrow will be better, that waiting a few days will be less painful, avoiding the scale becomes tempting. In the past, I have given in to that temptation and one day away becomes two which becomes 6 months and the next thing I know, I'm a whale. So today (and the last couple months) I fought the temptation and fought my demons on the scale. That 166 pounds I saw today was brutal, though.

I suppose that it should not have been. I know from whence it came. Gradually, since our arrival here, I have allowed refined carbohydrates to worm their way back into my diet. It started with croutons and crackers with my salads and progressed to white breads and breaded foods, and now has become full-blown debauchery as I cave to the candy and chips and other pure crap that sits around in the ER. Living 15 miles from the nearest grocery store, my routine of shopping to keep good foods available has fallen by the wayside, and I come to work with no food with me, leaving me open to poor decisions, more tempted by the junk since I have no acceptable alternative. My days start off focused and controlled and digress to complete embarassment. After all, it's easy to say it doesn't matter when you have little to choose from and gave up your food journal months ago, thinking you'd just see what happened without it.

And the salient points of failure become...
1. Not journaling my food.
2. Not routinely getting groceries.
3. Eating too many refined carbohydrates, not enough protein.
4. Failing to plan.

So to obtain different results, I must change these behaviors. To do just this, I must have a plan of action. That plan will be to...
1. Start my food journal again. I will be tracking on, but I will also be posting a more basic food journal here at the end of my posts. I don't expect you guys to read it (though if you happen to, PLEASE send me a virtual kick in the ass if I need it). Posting a reference to it here will provide me a sense of accountability I lack otherwise.
2. Get groceries on my way home from work at the end of each work stretch, and maybe on my first day back if need be.
3. Get my macronutrient ratios back in control, and fuel myself well.
4. Always have a plan, and a backup plan.

As sad as this might be, you are my friend base. You, more than anyone other than my hubbie, hear my fears and concerns, suffer my tantrums and tirades. dear friends, please keep me honest.

WORKOUTS: Before today, I have taken the last week off. I had an unbelievable amount of stuff on my proverbial plate and the time in the cycle had come, so I just took the week off. I had planned to start back yesterday but woke up with a monster migraine. Sometimes I workout anyway, and they actually go away as a result. I didn't think that that was going to be one of those, though, so I took medicine and went back to sleep. Didn't help...So today when the same situation arose, I just got up and got to work. Waddaya know?... No more migraine.

TODAY: 3 4-rung ladders of double 16kg C&P
then 3 3-rung ladders of double 16kg squats
then 6 sets of 30sec 16kg snatch L, 30 sec R, 30 sec rest.

After the first couple of rungs, I fell into the groove and this really felt great. I only had to pushpress once. :)

NUTRITION: I started the day well with a salad without croutons or crackers, dressed with vinegar and oil and a chicken breast with salsa and cheese.
Then....I got hungry at work and had nothing good for me, sooooo. I have eaten 8 or 10 tortilla chips with salsa. 1/2 a piece of cheesecake, innumerable miniature (bitsized?) Butterfingers, one Reese's egg, 8 malted milk eggs and a McDonald's crispy Chicken Ceasar salad. 12 gummy bears. I can at least boost my protein for the day, so I'll also have a 2-scoop shake of Bionic Whey protein.
I wasn't going to admit to all this since I don't even know for sure how much of all of it I ate, but in the interest of sucking it up and making the change, here it is.


  1. You rule. Be solid for just a few days in a row. I'll be cheering you on from my own battlefield. :)

  2. First, I love your blog.
    Second, I understand the weight scale thing. I hate to weigh myself. It was so self-defeating. Then last week my doctor ordered me to start weighing mysef everyday, and recording it. And to start a food journal (Long story, I'll write about it in my blog soon Lucky me. Actually it's working, so far.
    Keep it up and remember when all else fails, your kettlebells love you. Spend some time with them.

  3. Nikki,
    Thank you. I always enjoy "seeing" you here.
    Thanks for the comment and for introducing yourself. It's always nice to "meet" a reader. In particular, I really like your "remember when all else fails, your kettlebells love you. Spend some time with them." It was a nice reminder." :)