Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our trip to Cedar Key was a much-needed break. We have had an amazing long weekend. We started out with a 4 hour, 5 mile, kayak around the other keys. The hubby and I are moderately experienced paddlers (albeit calm water paddling), and have never had an issue with our kayak persistently veering one way or another. For the entire trip through these little islands, though, this frikkin' kayak wanted to go nowhere but left. I'll bet we paddled 5 strokes on the left for every 1 stroke on the right. It was UNBELIEVABLY frustrating. Despite the frustrations, though, we had a fun time, and topped off the afternoon with a pontoon boat cruise to watch the sunset which was spectacular.
On Friday we actually even got our scaredy-dog on a pontoon boat and out to North Key where we played on the beach. I couldn't believe it! She's scared of her own shadow, hates to ride in the car, and the wind makes her tremble in her paws. She was such a brave girl, though, and eventually stopped trembling and maybe even enjoyed the ride. And seeing her walk the shallow water along the beach was hilarious.
We finished up the weekend with the arts festival on Saturday and a campfire tonight. It's been wonderful. Pics of lots of this to come soon.

Two weeks ago Saturday I went to Louisville to photograph my nephew's wedding as his wedding gift from me. It was my third wedding ever to have the opportunity to shoot. I had a great time despite the stress of it all. Here are some samples of the day...

This is Jess's friend Jarrod. Apparently he was a contestant at some point on American Idol--actually on TV.

YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: AOS Essentials test with 16kg. 16kg snatch tabata intervals x 2, 16kg swing x 9 minutes with 4 interspersed episodes of 30sec of rest.
FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: Double 16kg C&P/Row, 3 4-rung ladders, and 3 3-rung ladders of squats, then 6 rounds of 30sec snatch L/30sec snatch R, 30sec rest
THURSDAY'S WORKOUT: Paddle, Paddle, and more paddle

NUTRITION:...Okay, maybe we'll talk about the plan. I'll be starting my run at the Zone this week.


  1. awesome pics, if I every find anyone to marry, I'll have to get you up here to take pics.

    Was the Kayaking in calm water, or was there a current you were fighting against?

    Speaking of AOS are you ever going to return to the forums? (We can talk about this in email / im if you'd prefer).

  2. It's a deal...WHEN you get married. :)
    Thw water was calm, and as we were heading out, I just assumed we were working with a current. When we got back in the boat to head back after playing on the beach, though, the damn thing was STILL heading left. Then we started doing everything we could think of to fix it--shifting weight, etc. Nothing fixed it. It was the kayak. I don't know how, but it was.
    I don't know if I'll ever go back to the AOS forums. Right now I'm not on any forum period. I do miss it, but I have a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth still about it.

  3. Talked to Sandy last week, he said that his account was disabled. You're really not missing much. Two "trainers" from Punch are the most active people on it right now, and I really don't think they're bringing anything other than "ME TOO" to the table.