Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Work 8p-8a, 162#

...THAT'S what little girls are made of.

I've been thinking a lot the last few days about a premise that actually hit home to me for the first time over a year ago. It's simple, really, but nonetheless, it can be difficult to remember and even more difficult to apply.
You are what you eat.
Our bodies are constantly rebuilding from the inside out. About every 7-8 years (I forget the exact statistic, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now) we turn over almost all the cells in our body. Many of us work out in hopes of forming new muscle or honing the muscle we have, a task that requires our body to build. The only thing that our body has with which to build is what we supply it. What we consume in food and fluids is all our body has to use. If we feed our bodies junk, our amazing, wonderful bodies will do the best with what they have, but the result will not be optimum, and the effort our body has to expend to obtain even that suboptimum result will be far greater than if we gave it good things with which to work from the beginning. It's really that simple...and that complicated.
To lighten it up a little bit...Here are some more pics from my nephew's wedding. These are of the reception at the Bristol Bar and Grill at the Sheraton Hotel, Jeffersonville, IN. They did a fantastic job.
How cute an idea is this? And the cupcakes were much easier to serve than a cake is. The citrus fruit in these centerpieces made the reception hall smell wonderful.
A tour in Bahrain keeping America safe but she'll always will be Mama's little girl.
Yes, they really did do the cake smoosh that well! It was awesome, and Jess didn't sweat it for an instant.
The groom's dad (my brother) brags on his new daughter-in-law.
If you look closely, you can see the moon in the upper right corner.

The Louisville skyline... TODAY'S WORKOUT: Run 1 mile with Abbie in 11'7"--10 sec less than last week. Then 4 rounds of...
30sec of 20kg swings
sprint 40yards
5 burpees
jog 40 yards
Rest 2 min.
YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT: "Better Me" Workout with planks thrown in--25 sec of plank, high plank, right and left plank. I'm adding these in hopes of their improving my pushup.
Today and yesterday I was just NOT feeling it. Both days have felt very uncoordinated and I just couldn't find a groove.
NUTRITION: Other than the 6 lifesaver mints I've had a work tonight, my nutrition has been satisfactory. Still needs tweaking, but the last two nights have been the best one's I've had with regard to nutrition in a long time.


  1. Hey Jennifer!! You did such a beautiful job with these pictures. I know they must LOVE them!

  2. Thanks, Lyndsay! For stopping by AND for the compliment. Did you see the ones of the ceremony a couple posts back?