Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter Sunday, April 13, 2009
Few people who know me in the tangible world read my blog. Few even know it exists. I have hesitated to give the web address to people in my family; of my 3 siblings only one has the address. I think I am hesitant because I worry about these people seeing what truly transpires in the scary place that is my brain. These thoughts and words I share here are more honestly and purely me than any I share aloud. Writing my thoughts has always been easier for me than saying them. And writing them here has proven to be very cathartic for me. Through these "pages" and the feedback of friends I have made here, I have learned to be honest with myself in ways I'm not sure I could have otherwise. I have learned to accept myself and my actions and change the things I do not like, keep the things I do. In truth, I have learned that when I am not honest with myself, I am hurting noone but myself. And why would I put in all this work to do that? Some people are sometimes surprised by the things I share here; sometimes I suppose I am too. Honestly, though, I would have it no other way.

TODAY'S WORKOUT: 1 mile in 11'17"--with Abbie. She definitely slows my mile down, actually starts cussing me at a little over 1/2 mile. By the last 10th of a mile, I am letting out the leash to givemyself some lead time. She's worth it though. Despite all her grumbling she smiles for hours afterward.
16kg Tabata snatches, 1 min rest
20kg Tabata swings, 1 min rest
16kg Tabata swings, 1 min rest

3oz filet mignon, 2c of squash, zuchinni, onions, mushrooms.
1c strawberries, 1.5oz mixed nuts
1 banana, 1 string cheese
Bionic Whey Protein bar
Apple, 2 tbsp peanut butter
topping off one slice of pizza ( I REALLY wanted the whole piece!)
6 dove dark chocolate pieces.
1742 Calories, 100gm fat (51%), 131 gm carbohydrates (30%), 86gm protein (20%)


  1. I'd have eaten the whole pizza myself. I'm getting better though. I'm down to half a pizza at a time instead of a whole one.

  2. Blogging has been therapeutic for me as well. I write from the heart (while trying to be kind and to be mindful of the privacy of my family at the same time). I do think it's good that not everyone knows about your blog. I deleted mine 2 years ago because of an issue it created with my MIL. She doesn't know about my "new" blog (can I call it new when I've kept it for more than 2 years?).