Sunday, June 29, 2008


Saturday, June 28, 2008
6w5d to pics--159#
Work 6p-8a
Slept 10 hours.

I'm seriously jonesin' for snack foods. For about 36 hours now I have just NEEDED to eat snack foods: cookies, chips, edamame, popcorn, ice cream, crackers, cheese, all of the above....I don't care. I just desperately have wanted to eat. I mean just sit and eat...for a while, bury myself in food and eat my way out. I'm not hungry. I just want to eat. Last night I tried just sitting down with a snack-sized bag of popcorn to squelch the need. That didn't work, so I headed for the hubbie's cookie dough. Six or eight cookies and a glass of milk should do it! Fortunately, he figured out what I was doing about 3 cookies in, and asked me if I really wanted to do that (not in a bad way) and talked me down from the ledge. For the most part, I am able to do that myself. I look at something and think, "Nope, just not worth it. Seeing 155 would be SO much better." Etc. Etc. But it's just not working these last few days. Being nocturnal such as I am is definitely a disadvantage when I get this way. There really isn't anybody to call at 0300 to say, "Hey, I'm contemplating eating a WHOLE sleeve of cookie dough and drinking a half-gallon of milk. Wanna join me? Stop me? How about just talk to me for a little while and maybe the urge will go away?" So I've rearranged my blog. Did you notice? And now I'm rambling like a friggin' drunk. But as long as I'm typing, I'm not eating. It's gonna be a long night. :)

WORKOUTS: Nothing today. It was an off day. But I did figure out what's making my knees work shoes. So I've gotta find some more while I'm off next week.

AMAP Double 12kg C&P then rows in 15 min. My number for this was low for some reason. I went over a couple minutes so I could at least get the same number of reps I did last time.

Then...5 rounds of 1 min 12kg Snatch R/1 min L/ 1 min rest.
Did some grip re-training on this because of my karmic blister, and I actually decided a little blister every now and then keeps us in line.

Day 3 week 1 of hundred pushups.

5 sets of :
16kg row R x 30 sec
L x 30 sec
push-up x 30 sec
plank x 30 sec
rest x 30 sec
16kg reverse lunge R x 30 sec
16kg reverse lunge L x 30 sec
rest 30 sec

12 sets of 5 double 12kg snatch--first of each set started from a dead start.


  1. you can do it. i dont smoke. you dont snack. we win.

  2. Will power girl...

    But if you need someone to call and talk to at 3am, I'm good for an hour or so if you want to talk.

    I worked midnights the first 7 years of my adult life, this sleeping at night thing still doesn't seem right. And it's been 6 years.

  3. How are your hundred push-ups coming along?

  4. Don't develop neurotic eating habits. Working out hard will make you eat more. You really can't do anything about it, except eat clean. Gorge yourself on whole, clean foods. Eat a dozen eggs if you want to, as long as they're free range and high in Omega 3s.

    That stuff won't kill you. Fake food and neurotic habits might.

    Good food and good exercise go a very long way toward happiness. Skinny is a bad condition.

  5. Hey girl. It's me, Dominick.
    You can't be any more of junkaholic than me. It's a family tradtion.

    Not to eat a large supper, I have a Hershey bar w/almonds. The chocolate calm's my appetite.

    For snacks I buy a bag of Pecan halves from the grocery store. A few hand full of these w/water and I'm no longer hungry.

    Also for lunch cut 2 apples and put peanut butter on it.

    I never deny myself snacks.