Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 21, 2008
7w5d to pics--158# (This is the first time I've seen this number and know my weight will be a couple pounds higher than this for the next few days. I NEVER see a new, lower weight stick around the first time it pops up. Seeing it the first time is still exciting, though. I have to see it the first time to see it the second. :) )
Work 10-8a
Slept 11 hours.

As is my nature, I've continued to roll Thursday's decision over and over in my head..."Is it the right one?" "Is it the wrong one?" I guess there's truly no way to know for sure until the time has passed and I look back. Hindsight is, after all, 20/20. I guess the big thing is I just don't want to screw myself in the process. Fortunately the hubby just rolls with the punches and really doesn't care what happens as long as we're both healthy and happy. Retirement, finances be damned and all. One of my biggest reasons for leaning toward Florida is the increased likelihood that he will consistently make healthier choices there and be diving regularly (i.e. be less of a couch potato). We are rapidly approaching the age where such indiscretions will catch up with us healthwise, and I want to lessen those chances. Is there really any price to put on that? Damn, I hate being a grown-up sometimes!

WORKOUT B: I royally flubbed this up! I didn't write out the workout before Idid it, so I just completely forgot to do the rows. Oh well--now I wanna do the rows in the morning when I get home. Actually, I wanna do them now but I'm at work. No, I'm NOT OCD!
Double 12kg C&P--66 total
Then... 12kg snatches--1 min R/1 min L/ 1 min rest for 5 rounds.

Walk 40 min--The hubby and I had left my car a few miles down to road to go to dinner. He said he'd take me back to it later, but I decided jsut to go get it myself. Nice walk on a beautiful afternoon.

YESTERDAY: No workout. I was hungover from the Benadryl I had taken in order to sleep the night before. Felt like POOP. Chose to postpone the workout.


  1. Hi Jen

    This is Bryan. I also post over at AOS. I just want to encourage you as you make this change. It's hard, but you applied all the analysis to it, and at the end of the day, it sounds to me like you listened to your gut. My gut has never failed me, but I have regretted it when I over ruled my gut.

    Your family will get over it. And if they don't it's their problem. You must live your own life. The only time in 28 years that I fought with my in-laws was when they got angry at me for making the decision to stay in Houston, and not re-locate closer to them. It was the best decision (besides my marriage) that I ever made. And they got over it.

    A few years ago my dad was in a church choir. There was a pair of 20 something guys in the choir. The guys wanted to move to Colorado where they had a stage opportunity.They were nervous about the decision. For whatever reason, they asked Dad's thoughts...his answer....

    "Have you ever personally known anyone that starved to death?"

    Of course the answer was no...So he told them he thought they had their answer. The guys went to CO. Dad never heard from them again. Maybe they starved to death, but I doubt it.

    GO FOR IT! What's the worst outcome? You don't like it, and get to make yet another good decision.

    And..congrats on the 158!

  2. Things will be as they will be. You can influence them, make them better or keep them the same. Life is short so take the risk, that's where the fun is.

    Yeah, I'm a little happy go lucky, but by all rights I should be dead too, probably more than once hearing other people say it... That really taught me something, each time. Live it up, because you only get one chance.

    What's wrong with being OCD?

    But seriously, you give it a shot, you try it out. If it doesn't work out or you don't like it, your current hospital will probably take you back, and you can go back to the safe little shell you want.

  3. Bryan,
    Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I love to know when folks are "listening" to me ramble--even if only on occasion. B/c comments come directly through to my e-mail now (thanks Chris J. for prompting me to look for that little pearl), your comment was one of the first things I saw this afternoon when I got up, and it was just what I needed to hear. The hubby and I laughed out loud at your dad's answer. Thank you for that support. :)

    Chris J, I guess I should just be thankful I can get out the door everyday without checking 48 times to make sure the stove is off. :)

    And to you both, I can't even begin to thank you enough for the encouraging words. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!