Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
8w2d to pics--161.5#
Work 6p-8a

I've had my head stuck clean up my rearend for the last several days. Seriously antisocial. Talked to the hubbie and the mom and that's pretty much it. I'm working on clearing it, but just can't seem to make the decisions that will do that. I hate making life decisions. I've actually felt a bit like I was unraveling at times these last few days, like given the least bit of opportunity, I'd completely explode. I really am not fond of that feeling.

I have been working out, though, so here goes...

TODAY'S: Workout B
Double 12kg C&P/Double Row--AMAP in 15 min
Last time I did 56 of each. Today I did 62 of each.

Then...12kg snatches, 1min L/1min R/1 min rest. I got 21 per arm the first round and 20 the second. I didn't get to count the last 3 rounds because a neighbor came over and was trying to talk to me. Still did the snatches, just didn't count them.

MONDAY: Workout A
5 rounds of each w/16kg
30 sec row per arm
30 sec rest
30 sec pushup
30sec plank
30 sec rest
30 sec reverse lunge per leg
30 sec rest

Then...12 sets of 5 double 12kg snatches. As a funny aside...I sucked a mosquito clean down my gullet doing those snatches.


SATURDAY: I did Friday's workout B today instead b/c I ran around Memphis all day yesterday. Felt like poop, too. Figured the rest wouldn't hurt all things considered.

FRIDAY: Took it off.

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