Thursday, June 26, 2008

Head Space and Timing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
7w 1d to pics--158#
Slept 7 hours

Aaron Friday generously posted a comment on my blog yesterday suggesting I give up on monitoring my weight, focusing instead on strength and fitness exclusively (reading this over my shoulder my husband starting haling Aaron for his wonderful wisdom). I had to sit back a little and think about that one. I do hope to get to that point one day soon, but I don't feel that I'm quite there yet. 

I don't focus so on my weight because of the number itself. I really couldn't care less what the number is. Instead I hope to find a place where I am at peace with my body and my self-image. Right now I know I am approaching that place where I am at peace with my body and my self-image. Right now I know I am approaching that point but I need to see some more muscle definition before I am there.  I want a little less jiggle to the wiggle. :) I might even find that I ultimately overshoot some and realize that I need to balance a little extra weight  and less definition with being a little less strict with my nutrition. But figuring out these small nuances are a bit in the future. Right now I use the number on the scale to give me feedback. It tells me if I'm getting stagnant or if I've become too slack. Hopefully one day I will be attuned to my body enough that I can let that number go a little and focus more on how I'm feeling.

Right now it feels pretty good to have people asking me what a kettlebell is and not have to be ashamed--not to feel like I need to give a disclaimer about how kettlebell's really do make a strong,  nice physique but I just don't do them justice. It feels good not to feel like a hypocrit when I tell a patient to lose weight or quit smoking or follow their diabetic diet. It really feels good.

WORKOUT: 32 min elliptical machine with a few 1 min rounds of 1 pood swings. I forewent walking today because my left knee is angry with me, very angry.

Day 2, Week 1 pushup challenge which I almost forgot till Chris J. reminded me. 

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