Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008
9w to pics--160.5#
Work 6p-8a
6.5hrs sleep

I have been sick more in the last 9 months than I have been in the last 9 years put together, I think. I woke up yesterday with the funk and have been feeling like CRAP since. Marc swears it's because I "don't get enough sleep" and "don't get enough to eat. " He's fussed for a long time about my sacrificing sleep to workout. That 's actually a large part of why I put how much sleep I get at the top of the blog every time. I don't know what it is, but it is, and you'll be hard-pressed to convince me to quit doing things the way I am.

30 sec 16kg row R
30 sec 16kg row L
30 sec rest
30 sec pushups
30 sec plank
30 sec rest
30 sec 16 kg reverse lunge R
30 sec 16kg reverse lunge L
30 sec rest

Do this a total of 5 times.

12 sets of 5 Double 12kg snatches started at the top of the min. REst the remainder of the minute. Again I started these from dead snatch position.

As expected, this was not my strongest workout, but it was done to the best of my ability today.


  1. I can't put my sleep down, because it's so broken. I can put the time I'm in bed, but it takes time for me to fall asleep, and I usually wake up several times a night.

    Besides, the U.S. Navy did studies in the early 80s showing that you only need 2 hours sleep a day, to be fully combat ready.

  2. I'm cooking with gas, then. :)

  3. i still cannot do double snatches. i KNOW im strong enough, its a mental block- like trying to do a back flip. they terrify me.

    when r u comming down to houston?

  4. I've been pondering just that. Are there any good festivals/Houston happenings in the next few months that would be fun? How far is it from Houston to dive the oil rigs or the flower gardens? You ever done either?