Monday, July 7, 2008

Cooking Lesson for the Day

Sunday, July 6, 2008
5w4d to pics--159.5#
work 6p-8a
slept 7 nightmare-filled hours

Today's cooking lesson is...

Eggwhites do NOT cook well in the microwave. Makes me want to vomit just thinking about how bad they were! I was short on time and thought I'd just give it a run. Lesson learned.

WORKOUT: Walk 40 min.

SATURDAY'S WORKOUT: None. Went to the farm for the family 4th of July Cookout. Photos to come.

FRIDAY'S WORKOUT: Double 12kg C&P/Row AMAP in 15 min--I got 60, same as last time.

Then...12kg snatch 1minR/1minL/1min rest x 5 rounds.
I started off doing better iwth 20-22 per side for the first couple of rounds, but I think the all-out effort got me,and I decreased to 15/side by the last round.


  1. 20 reps per side for 5 rounds seems like a good goal that is within reach.

    I'd like to try that scheme, but I don't think I'd last more than two rounds. I know, I'm a hypocrite. 20 reps per side for 5 rounds would be a good goal for me too.

  2. Yeah, but you'd be trying it with a friggin' 24kg. Jeez. I am proud of those double snatches, though. :)