Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Okay, It's a Little Metaphysical

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Off-Slept 6 hours.

I'm beginning to understand that part of becoming who I want to be involves believing I can be that person, actually visualizing myself as that person. I won't bore you with what that involves other than its relation to fitness, but the part that is pertinent here is the lean part. So I am working to restructure my thinking to more productive lines, referring to what I want more in the present tense than in terms of "When I" or "I want". I try to feel what it will be like to be as lean as I want, what the movement of my muscles will feel like, what my clothes will feel like, what my mind and heart will feel like.
Part of what is so difficult about this is pressing away the fear, the nagging idea, that when I do get to where I'm going I won't be able to stay there. So today I decided to live like I will be here/there forever. Though I've given away all of the regular clothes that are too big for me (honestly, that doesn't amount to much since I'm always in scrubs), until today I had hung on to my scrubs because they comprise the largest part of my wardrobe, and I really didn't want to buy more big ones. Today, however,I threw away all the scrubs that are too big for me. Because I won't need them ever again.

WORKOUT: A cop friend of mine asked me to show him and his daughter a bit about kettlebells today. They brought along a couple of friends, and we set about showing them how to swing and clean and get their kettlebell groove on. We had a great time. I hope they come back for more.

WARMUP: 3 minutes of keeping the 12kg up and going

16kg snatch 1 min work, 1 min rest for 4 rounds.

12kg snatch 30 sec L, 30 sec rest, 30 sec R, 30 sec rest for 10 rounds--getting 12 per 30 sec.

8kg Split Squat 30 sec R
30 sec L
Pushup 30 sec
for 6 rounds.

Deck Squat 30 sec (Started with the 8kg, did the last 4 rounds with the 12kg)
Double 12kg C&P 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
for 6 rounds.

12kg Double Snatch 30 sec work, 60 sec rest for 10 reps. Got 9 in all but 2 sets.


  1. Jen,
    I am so proud of you and your accomplishment! Getting rid of those clothes is so symbolic. I must admit that I still have some of mine around (from high school even) of just in case. I kept one dress, and I hope to never be able to wear it again. I use it as a reminder of how far I've come, even when I feel low. Well done, lady!

  2. Thanks, Nia! It felt pretty good.