Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Program

Monday, July 7, 2008
5w 2d to pics--160.5#
Work 6p-8a
Slept 6 hours.

Today was the day to start my next 4 week run of workouts from David. I didn't know how long to allow for this workout and actually didn't allow enough time. Took me and hour today. The TGU's really take a while, especially doing them outside. The entire yard is quite pock-marked and uneven, so I really have to take them slowly and concentrate. Good for the stabilizers, but it takes a while to get done. And then I'm all rashey from the grass. Look like I've got cooties. Matches the callouses.:)

I'm hoping David will have some time Wednesday to give me good beat-down in person.

WORKOUT 1: With the 16kg
(I had the 12kg standing by in case I needed to decrease, but turns out the 16 was fine.)

TGU 3rep R/ 3rep L
In rounds 4 and 5, I ended up doing 2r/2l 1r/1l and then did 1R/1L 3 times for the final round.
Row 30 sec R/30 sec L
Thruster with KB in steering wheel position x 30 sec.
(I really liked this position for the thruster. Doing a press from this position felt really good in the upper/mid back.)
Rest 30 sec.
This ended up being a little longer as I tried to wipe all the sweat away so I could see, get a quick drink then reposition. I'll have to work on that part.
x 6 rounds.

Then...Swing x10, 20, 30 for 5 rounds.
I did this i go/you go style, but I had to pretend the other person was there. Good thing I have schizophrenic tendencies.

Pushup Challenge: I did the 2 week test yesterday and got 15 (up from 10 on day 1). That puts me in the 1st column for Weeks 2 and 3--wuss territory. OH WELL. Push-ups are my arch nemesis. I'll do that short little workout before bed this morning.


  1. I have the same problem with my back yard. I'm going to take a 4 foot x 4 foot sheet of plywood, attach (probably with epoxy) those wight room mats too it, and use that in the back yard for getups and the other things I need to be on the ground for.

  2. the park in front of the house is wrecked everywhere with KB pot holes.

    i just TGU in them. also u might want to wear pants if the grass is bothering you.

  3. Hmmm. I'm thinking a long-sleeved rash guard is the solution. Thanks Anthony. I like the plywood idea, but it's not practical right now.

    Thanks, Leslie!