Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time Flies

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Work 6p-8a

Time has flown by this week. I turned around all of a sudden and realized that it's been five days since I posted anything. Sometimes the speed with which life passes frightens me. Even now, I look in the mirror and see lines that seem as if they appeared over-night, and I wonder how I missed whatever it was that put them there. I think some day I'll look up into a mirror at a face I don't even know, and I'll wonder where I went.

The week has been fairly eventful, occupied with both small things and big. The hubby and I caught a couple of movies. The Dark Knight is definitely worth a trip to the theater; it's just outstanding. Journey to the Center of the Earth is another to see while it's in theaters mostly because it's in 3D at some places. Since I missed the 3D phase in the previous century, I truly enjoyed it this time. It's novel and pretty fun, actually. We bought a new bed--got a TempurPedic. I'm hoping this decreases the number of times per sleep cycle that I wake up. And I registered for the October RKC. I'm pretty excited about this for lots of reasons. The RKC itself, of course, but also, hopefully, the opportunity the meet some of the folks whose blogs I read on a regular basis. Then there's just the fun of seeing a place I've not seen since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Should be a good time.

I have kept up with my workouts as scheduled, but my eating and sleeping have been another story. I've eaten appropriate things, just not enough of them. My calories have been too low at least two days this week. That has been a direct result of my schizophrenic sleep schedule. I'm back at work, now, though, so I'll be back on a regular schedule. Hopefully like in the ER will not be so crazy that I can't get my calories in.

16kg Essentials Test minus the TGU at the beginning and end.
This amounts to 30 sec each of:
High pull/Snatch alternated
Swing.... all with the right hand.
Figure 8 to a hold
High Pull/Snatch... all with the left hand.

I can do it except that I have to do a pushpress for the presses.
I'm supposed to be doing 1 min of 16kg snatches here then 1 min rest for 4 rounds. I figure it's a good swap. I'll go back to the snatches later.

Then... 30 sec 12kg snatch R, 30 sec rest, 30 sec 12kg snatch L, 30 sec rest for a total of 10 rounds. I didn't manage to get but 13 per round most rounds today. I just wasn't seeming to hit that rhythm that I did on Wednesday.


6 rounds of 16kg:
row 30 sec each arm
thruster w/kb in steering wheel position
rest 30 sec

Then...swing ladder 10, 20, 30 i go/you go schizo style (I have to imagine the other person). I usually do this with the 16kg but today I decided to go for the 20kg. I made it except for the last 2 swings when my grip just gave up.

WEDNESDAY'S WORKOUT: Same as today except I was rockin' and got 14 per 30 sec round on t he 12kg snatches.

6 rounds of
8kg split squat 30 sec/side
pushup 30 sec
rest 30 sec

6 rounds of
8kg deck squat for 30 sec
double 12kg C&P for 30 sec
rest 30 sec

Then...Double 12 kg snatch 30 sec work/1 min rest for 10 rounds.


  1. Congrats on going RKC. Good luck. I'd love to either the AOS or the RKC. I just am not in shape for either. Nor am I financially ready for either.

    Good Luck on your training.

  2. how much was the oct RKC?
    i want to go but have no funds...
    i aklso dont think i could pass it but just out of curiosity- how much?