Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just when I Thought the Scale Was Broken

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
7w2d to pics--161.5# (I was beginning to think it was broken and wouldn't move below 163)
10 hours sleep.

Check out this video. If only we all played the game of life this way...

10/side 12kg TGU's 

5 rounds of Double 12 kg:
Snatches x 8
Thrusters x 8
High pulls x 12
C&P x 8
Alternating Row x 8
Swings x 20

Then...25/25, 20,20, 15/15,10/10, 5/5
90 seconds of jogging between rounds.

10/side 12kg TGU

5 rounds of:
16kg Snatch 5/5
16kg Reverse Lunge 8/8
16kg row 8/8
16kg C&P 5/5

Then...16 kg Swing x 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 all started on the top of the 2 min, jogging the remainder of the 2 min.


  1. yea to the incredible shrinking woman! its dropping b/c the workouts you're doing right now are SICK. they look scary. pretty soon you're going to weigh less than me! and I'm little.

    ps- if i hadn't dropped that 10lbs when i freaked out and had that mini-breakdown, you WOULD weigh less than me right now. jsut a thought.

  2. That video was beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.